Who are we and how can we grow your practice?

Our award-winning team has helped many practices see huge growth in new patient numbers. Come and join our family.

Meet our Founder, David

David has more than 20 years of experience building successful digital marketing campaigns and highly converting websites. He has spent the last ten years growing more than 200 dental and specialist practices around the world.

Xcelerator Dental is different; we provide set digital marketing programs. Our goal is to grow your practice and there is no one magic pill. There are a combination of things in the current market place you need to be doing, so we offer fixed service packages which will achieve this, rather than letting you pick and choose what we do for you. We do offer a few add-ons to try and be as flexible as possible but we don't want this to detract from our core service. The other point which is key, is that we don't do things for the sake of doing them. Everything we do is geared towards your growth; so for example, we focus on a specific 'local business' strategy and the no-click search engine landscape - if these don't mean anything to you, get in touch!

Growth through digital channels improves over time. It takes time to optimise campaigns and we do this based on the user data we collect. For example, when we launch your website it will be great. However, once it's run for a few weeks or months, we'll be able to analyse how user's are behaving and from this, turn it from great to phenomenal! It's no different with your ads. As such we ask you agree to a minimum period of six months with us, but give it at least 12. By this time we hope you'll be seeing fantastic growth.


How we are different

We are not your typical agency. We understand how dental practices and specialists work and some of the key challenges you face. Our ultimate goal is to help grow your business and that’s at the crux of everything we do and the way we work with you.


Defined digital growth programs to get you more patients

Rather than you choosing which digital services you would like us to manage for your dental practice i.e. your website, or your Facebook campaigns, we have put together three packages which will cost-effectively get you more patients, based on experience and adaptation.

Our founder David has worked for over six years growing more than 130 practices and has learned through implementation and refinement, what is needed to make a practice grow, in term of new patient numbers and profitability.

Unlike many digital marketing agencies for dentists, we ask you to come on board with us on one of our three packages. After our initial chats we will be able to recommend the best approach for your practice. You then pay us a monthly fee and we work an on-going basis on growing your practice. There are no additional or individual costs for the different components within the package; for example, the cost (package depending) includes a b build of your website, then a re-build every 2 and a half years.

To paint the reality of how this looks, let’s say you came to us and asked us to run your Google Ads or FB Ads for you. The base to the success of those campaigns is the conversion rate of your website and respective landing pages, so we would be reluctant to take this on if we didn’t also look at improving this on your website. We have built up a toolkit of what works for dental practices and we adapt it over time as we learn and the market and behaviours change.

Strategise around you being a ‘local business’

Many of your new patients will find you through a search engine; most of them through Google or YouTube. Google considers a ‘local business’ - which you are in the sense you have a physical location - in a very different way to other businesses and there are some specific things you need to be doing to stay ahead of your competition. More than 90% of the practices we speak to are not doing any of these things, and it’s these which are the most cost—efficient way to kick start your growth. We are talking about things such as building and cleaning up your citations, optimising your GMB profile, focussing on online reviews and reputation management.

We look after all of this for you and take it off your hands in our ESSENTIALS program. If you aren’t yet doing this, consider that 90% of your competitors also aren’t doing it, so by taking these first steps you will already be ahead.

Reflect the ‘no click’ landscape

60% of people who search on Google never leave the search results page; they never click a link or visit a website. That’s a pretty amazing figure and a change in behaviour in what has become known as the ‘no-click landscape’. However, too many dental practices - which we know as we can see this first-hand - are spending most of their digital marketing efforts on organic SEO, which is typically blog posting and back-linking. There is absolutely still a place for these, but if more than half the people searching are not going to visit your website, your primary focus should be on other elements of the search results page which are going to get you more cost-effective leads. Ask yourself; are you running paid search ads? Are you making at least one Google Post a week? Are you answering and populating Questions and Answers? Are you appearing in the ‘People Also Ask’ list? These are the kind of things we will take off your hands and focus our time respective to those areas which will have the biggest impact on your practice growth.

100% hands-off

We know how busy you are. We also know you're great at what you do and we're great at what we do! The way we work is designed to take as little of your time as possible; we'll keep you informed along the way and we'll send and go through reports with you. All we ask is for you to trust us as if we're part of your team - as that's how we work with you.

All we do is dental

Our team has been integral in helping more than 120 dental practices and specialists get more patients and grow their business through their digital channels.

We're geeks!

One of the key things you’ll notice about us straight away is our passion for what we do. We don’t build websites and help you grow your business because it’s a way to make money; we do it because we love it! If we’re not at our desks working away on your campaigns you’ll find us talking about something digital-related over some good coffee or wine, or keeping up-to-date and mingling with fellow geeks at an industry event!

We build great relationships. We're part of your team.

This is a point far too often overlooked and really is key to everything we do. We want you to trust us and feel comfortable enough to leave us to manage things for you, and we know that’s not easy to do! No-one wants to just let go. We like to think of ourselves as part of your team, and to do that, we need to understand one another and make sure we're aligned in terms of our output and targets. We'll spend time during the on-boarding process ensuring we're on the same page which will make for plain sailing and great results as we move forwards.

We also want to feel comfortable asking for anything we need you to do your end, and more importantly, ask you to feedback to us as we move forwards.

This is why we do what we do

Dr Jonathan Allsopp
I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the great work you have done for us here at Allsopp It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and as you know, we’ve gone from strength to strength over the years in terms of our understanding of what we need to be doing to keep ahead of our competitors and also in terms of the number of patients we now see.

Your professionalism and personalised service is unlike anyone else we have worked with. You have always made us feel so comfortable as to be able to let you ‘get on with it’ - which in turn frees up our time in the practice. One thing I have definitely learned through this process is that having one person manage your digital campaigns is a lot easier and gets better results than working with endless numbers of agencies at the same time.

A good way I can sum it up is that you have made us feel like your only client. Incredibly trustworthy and high value!! Thank you!
Guy Deeming
Specialist in Orthodontics | Queensway Dental
From the time David started working with us around six years ago, we've gone from 20 to over 400 Invisalign starts a year. This has been in part through a combination of attracting new patients through digital advertising, converting website visitors into leads (he'll make sure you know the importance of this!), and nurturing people who don't book an appointment with you straight away.

David has been fantastic to work with. He’s always been on hand to help, is approachable, and most importantly he knows the dental market. He hits the spot on the balance between telling us what we need to be doing, but in also being a great listener in understanding exactly what we were trying to achieve, especially as we’ve put so much focus into our brand.

Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, care and a focus on returns. We've always found that David has just the right balance of professionalism, knowledge and customer service. Nothing is too much trouble; highly recommended to help any practice looking to grow.
Dr Cathy Robinson BDS
We have been a client of XCELERATOR for almost a year and what a year!! Our new slick and sleek website designed by David and the team is receiving compliments daily, and performing fantastically! This dental marketing agency are an absolute pleasure to work with - nothing is ever a problem, and they are on-hand with their support and communications to the extent they feel like an extension of our team!

Their dental CRM software has been so flexible - our clinics operate in a slightly different way than most and David, Ehab and the team have allowed us to create a unique CRM that follows our patient pathway every step of the way. For us, this has been the difference - other companies try to make you fit their mould - XCELERATOR let you design your mould!

The CRM that XCELERATOR have built for us, allows us to follow up and follow through (to the fullest extent) with every lead we get generated. This means we get maximum return on our investment. The quality of lead generated by XCELERATOR is also superior than any other dental marketing company I've used in the past - so much so that my marketing team has doubled in size in a year to manage the business growth that XCELERATOR has generated for us.

Can't recommend this company highly enough. Please contact me cathy@newlifeteeth.co.uk if I can assist!
Matt Clare
Practice principal | Lincoln Orthodontics
I have known and worked with David for over 5 years and had the benefit of his expertise covering web design, paid advertising and all things digital. David combines excellent media and digital skills with an in depth knowledge of the dental world. He is one of the rare people in our industry who brings multiple complimentary talents to the table and is an invaluable extended member of your team.
Andy McDougall
Ethical, reliable, strategic, innovative: these are all adjectives that describe our experience of working with digital dental marketeers, Xcelerator Dental. We recommend them with confidence and work with them in partnership to ensure shared clients receive optimal care and maximum value. Worthy of six stars but could only choose the five.
Alastair Smith
David has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of my practice where new patient numbers increased by 100% in the first year working together. He has a profound knowledge of the digital dental landscape which allows him to tailor digital marketing to realise your goals.
Dr Mickey Frankl
This website is unbelievable.

They hold your hand along the way and the results show as our growth from last year has been phenomenal.
Alastair Smith
David has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of my practice where new patient numbers increased by 100% in the first year working together. He has a profound knowledge of the digital dental landscape which allows him to tailor digital marketing to realise your goals.
Sophie Hussey
Just wanted to say a big thank you for our new website. You have reflected our brand absolutely perfectly and we can't wait to proudly reveal our new 'shop window' to the world. The process of working with you has been a delight. You are proactive, thorough, knowledgeable and innovative. We would highly recommend your services.
Alastair Smith
David has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of my practice where new patient numbers increased by 100% in the first year working together. He has a profound knowledge of the digital dental landscape which allows him to tailor digital marketing to realise your goals.
Neehal Shah
We moved over to Xcelerator Dental one year ago as our website was lacking in depth and creativity. Not only have we gained an amazing dental website but along with this, we are working with an outstanding dental marketing agency. Within weeks of the current website going live our brand became a competitor in our local area. Their Chatbot helps communicate with patients when our staff are occupied or when we are closed, and this allows communication 24/7 for our patients visiting the website.

We have seen a 94% increase in Invisalign cases which has allowed us to reach Elite Invisalign status (we had no status prior) and we have seen a 40 to 50% overall increase in revenue prior to working with them.

Highly recommended, we cannot wait for our second year with Xcelerator Dental!

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