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Your website conversion rate is the number of your website visitors who contact you to become a new patient lead – so through phoning the practice or completing a web form. 

We will employ many tactics to increase this conversion rate and we’re perfectly positioned to get the best results for you:
  • Dental industry insights: with seven years’ experience growing dental practices through digital channels, we know what makes patients act to book an appointment
  • Digital expertise: from copywriters to designers to analysts, our team are experts in their fields and regularly keep up to date with user behaviour trends
  • The right technique at the right time: below are some of the techniques we may use, but we’ll determine what’s best at what time based on your performance

If we can take your website conversion rate from say 1% to 2%, that’s double the number of new patient leads from the same number of visitors you’re already getting (and we’ll do much better than that!)

What does our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) offering include?

Key goals
  • Increase new patient leads
  • Achieve cost-efficient growth through converting more existing website visitors into new leads
  • Make getting dental treatment as easy as possible for your visitors
  • Analysis – understanding how people use your website is key to optimising performance
  • Analytics – we use Google Analytics to measure user behaviour and analyse metrics such as when and where users leave your site, and which content they look at before choosing to book an appointment
  • Heatmaps – these show us which areas of your web pages users spend time looking at to help us understand which content is most valuable in increasing your conversion rate
  • Web design – when we build your site we’ll be putting certain things in certain places, and using certain wording, to drive appointment bookings
  • A/B tests – we try two versions of a design/layout and serve each to 50% of your audience. Over time we analyse which performs best.
  • Re-targeting – much of the time your website visitors won’t convert on their first visit. We will show ads to these people to get them to come back when we know they’re more likely to convert.
  • Exit intents – showing a pop-up when someone tries to leave your site can work wonders to increase your conversion rate
  • Multi-channel chat – giving visitors the option as to how they contact you means you’re not missing out on potential leads
  • Other techniques – it’s all about doing what’s right and the above is just a sample of the kind of things we’ll be looking at to improve your conversion rate
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Questions answered


What do you count as a ‘lead’ when measuring website conversion rates?

Web forms and phone calls. We will only include web forms which are likely to be leads of people interested in booking an appointment, so forms such as new patient forms would not be included. We also count people who have visited your website on a mobile and clicked the phone number to call the practice. We aren’t able to measure people who call you from dialling the number directly into their phone. If you are using a third party system such as Software of Excellence or OrthoTrac then we will talk to these companies to try and track leads through these for you too.

How will you be able to tell what my existing conversion rate is?

We typically do this using what is called conversion tracking in Google Analytics. This tracks when a website visitor looking for dental treatment lands on the thank you page having completed a form. If you already have this setup on your current site then we can review this by getting access to your Google Analytics account. It may be that you have Google Analytics but no conversion goals, which is what we often find; in this case we will set these up for you to start tracking performance. And what if you don’t have Google Analytics at all? It’s usually not a problem for us to get the needed access to put this in place for you too.

What is the industry average conversion rate?

This is a tricky one as there are no widely published industry standards. However, there are smaller studies that have been done, and we’ve also tracked performance of dental industry sites ourselves before taking them over. Based on all these metrics, the typical rate in the industry we see on sites before we start working on them is 0.5 to 2%. Imagine we could take you from 1% to 5% - that's a 500% increase in leads from your existing traffic before we even start looking at marketing and advertising!
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