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Managed in the right way, Google Ads will get you excellent returns on your spend, generate quality leads and increase your competitive advantage

You can relax knowing your ads are managed by a team who has managed the ads of leading dental practices for several years.


On a desktop computer, Google Ads typically take up the entire search results page before you scroll down. It’s important you are not losing market share by not appearing here for relevant search terms from people who are likely to convert into patients. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the most targeted form of advertising in terms of showing your ads to people who are most likely to become patients and who are also actively looking for treatment. We encourage these people to either call the practice or visit a landing page on your site which we have designed to result in a new patient lead.

What is Xcelerator Dental’s approach to PPC management?
  • Focussing on returns on your spend – we will recommend monthly budgets and focus on getting you as many new patients as possible for your spend. New patient leads from your PPC campaign will go into your lead management system so we are able to track ROI.
  • Utilising Google’s machine learning to target people most likely to convert – being Premier partners means access to many exclusive tools and data sets. Google are currently focussed on machine learning which means that for every search done, we are able to analyse more than two million (!) signals to understand more about each person searching. This in turn helps us better target your ads to people who are the most likely to become patients
  • No additional or percentage fees – if you sign up to our Xceed plan then management of your ads is included. If you choose it as an add-on we will charge a fixed monthly fee. You pay your ad budgets directly to Google and we don’t take any cuts from this so you can be rest assured that 100% of your budget is spent on ads.

Google Ads can consume up to 40% of clicks on the search results page and people are 50% more likely to convert clicking a paid rather than an organic search result.

What does our Google Ads management offering include?

Key goals
  • Get highly targeted new patient leads
  • Increase your market share and competitive advantage
  • Discovery – we will work with you to understand your USPs, treatment options and margins for different services
  • Keyword research – we will work on an initial list of key terms to position your ads for
  • We will build out all your ads and campaigns according to best practice
  • Optimisation – we work on an on-going basis, reviewing and analysing performance and adapting your campaigns to get you the best possible returns
  • Monitoring – we have monitoring systems in place to alert us to any issues or drops in performance so that we can react straight away
  • Machine learning and product developments – Premier Partners status with Google means being first to test out new product developments to improve the performance of your campaigns
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Questions answered


We have run Google Ads previously but didn’t get any new leads. Is it really worth it?

This is a common question we get. What we typically find from auditing previous accounts, is that things have not been set up in the best way. One example is an account where geo-targeting was set to the whole world! We find, almost without exception, that there are cost-efficient gains to be had from running PPC campaigns on Google Ads as well as the other benefits it can bring to helping grow your practice.

Will my ads appear for every search that my prospective patients are carrying out?

This depends on your budget and the search demand in your area. Google Ads is a form of PPC advertising which means just that – you pay per each click on your ad. This amount can vary hugely from practice to practice dependent on many factors such as search volume and competition and we will of course do all we can to bring this down for you. As such, if you have say a daily budget of just £20 and the average CPC (cost-per-click) is £4, then after 5 clicks on your ads each day, your budget will have been exhausted. We usually recommend a relatively cautious starting point so we can gather data and optimise your account and if it’s performing well and there is opportunity to get more leads, we will let you know.

Will I be able to see my ads if I search myself?

It depends. There is a huge array of factors in determining which searches, people and devices your ads will appear on, which is determined by Google’s machine learning and ability to drive you the best returns on your spend. As such, if you yourself are not looking for treatment, the answer should be that we wouldn’t want to show you the ads! There is also a slightly tricky to understand philosophy to searching for yourself which can actually mean your ads start to cost you more per lead. On a basic level, Google will show ads which people engage with more than others; they will look at the click-through-rate of your ads – that is out of all the searches, how many people click the ads. As such, if you are searching but not clicking, your conversion rate may actually drop. As such, and as hard as it is, we encourage you not to regularly search for yourself – we will keep you fully updated on performance in your reports.

Can I let you know which ad copy I would like to use?

We are always open to your suggestions, but encourage you to take a back seat here and let us work our magic to get you the best results. In doing so, we know that some of the ad copy you see might not be what you would click on or write yourself, but it’s all done to get the best returns. In fact we will likely be using Responsive Search Ads which means Google will adapt the exact messaging for each search based on the millions of factors it has at its disposal to test out the best performing combinations and serve specific ad copy to different people based on what it knows is more likely to make them convert.
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