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Facebook and Instagram Ads are a fantastic way to increase the number of new people finding out about your practice. Through highly targeted ads, we will setup and manage your campaigns and the leads will come directly to you.

Xcelerator Dental’s four keys to successful Facebook and Instagram Ads success
  • Buying intent - as with everything we do, we focus on targeting new patients and not just getting you new followers. Whether it's age, location, interests or activity (and more!), we will make sure your ads are shown to the people most likely to become patients.
  • Creatives - social media ads are about creating initial awareness, and connecting with people, thus visual creatives are key. We will work with you on putting together the best possible images and video content to get the best out your ads. We can also help you with your photography and videography if needed.
  • Campaign management - some of the best results we see are from campaigns promoted through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Examples are open days, promotions and additional services offered.
  • Attribution effect - a general trend is that running social media ads alongside Google Ads works fantastically well. This is in large due to the fact that converting a lead to a patient requires multiple touch points of people seeing your brand/practice - on average about 9! What we often find is that we create initial awareness for a new audience on social media, and later see those same people searching for relevant terms in Google which is when they will go on to convert.

You need to go beyond Followers. Social ads targeting the right people in the right way can bring a huge number of cost-efficient and quality new patient leads to a dental practice.

What does our Facebook and Instagram Ads management offering include?

Key goals
  • Position your practice and services in front of more eye balls
  • Get sent highly targeted new patient leads
  • Increase the number of touch points with new patient leads which means they are more likely to become patients
  • Discovery – we will work with you to understand your USPs, treatment options and target audience
  • Targeting - from age to location to interests, we will hone in on your target audience and those most likely to convert
  • Creatives - we will work together to build out the best campaigns, including images and videos, running multiple ads at any one time to assess and better performance
  • Optimisation – we work on an on-going basis, reviewing and analysing performance and adapting your campaigns to get you the best possible returns
  • Placements - there are many places we can show your ads from the FB News Feed, to FB Messenger to Instagram and we will try many of these out to get the best returns (note that which and how many placements we can run is partially dependant on your budget and creatives)
  • Advanced strategies - we will adopt a strategy relevant to your campaigns which may include running ads such as Lookalikes; this is where we take a profile of existing patients and create a ‘lookalike’ audience to target to drive new patient leads.
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Questions answered


Can we use our own images and videos on our ads?

Absolutely! We encourage this and typically find that using your own creatives of your team, the practice and your patients will get better results than the stock imagery we will have to work with if you don’t have this available. We can always help you getting some great shots and video footage done through our photo and video shoots. Don’t forget to ensure you have the relevant consent of any patients whose content you would like to use.

I keep seeing the same ad; can we change this?

This is a question we often get. It’s a tricky one to answer as a standalone question as the reasons for this can be different dependent on many variables. The first is that we will never just be running one version of an ad so rest assured there will be others out there and FB’s algorithm may have determined this is the most appropriate version for you. Another important point to consider is that whilst continuously updating the creative of FB Ads is important, we may also continue to run some of your top performing ads which have established excellent engagement so you may see these from time-to-time too.

What will the quality of leads from paid social media be like?

In short, people will only click your ad and subsequently leave their detail if they have some interest in your services. However, the way you handle leads from different sources is critical, and something we may also be able to help you with. It’s also important to consider the purpose of social media leads compared to say Google leads. FB Ads will often create initial awareness for people of your practice and services; let’s say we’re advertising your Invisalign services - someone seeing the ads may never have considered Invisalign or braces previously, but now you’ve got their mind ticking over. In this kind of situation that person is going to need several further touch points with your brand before making a decision, and it may be the case they end up searching in Google further down the line before becoming a lead. As such, FB leads may not be as far down the path in their search for treatment as others, but they will still absolutely be leads who you have a good chance of converting.

How much will it cost me?

The setup and on-going management of your ads is included in your monthly fee to Xcelerator Dental. We do have a high upper cap (which you’re unlikely to hit) but we don’t take any other fees or percentages. You will then need to allocate a budget for your ads, which you will pay directly to FB (don’t worry about the logistics, we’ll walk you through everything and help you get setup as needed). From our chat during your on-boarding phase when we understand more about your business and target audience, we will be able to recommend what your monthly budget on the ads should be. It wouldn’t be any lower than £500 a month as any lower than this and it’s difficult to gain traction and get good returns as we need data on which to optimise your campaigns and ensure they Reach enough people within your target audience. An average monthly budget on social media ads is likely to range between £800 and £1500 a month but again, there is a huge number of variables such as which treatments you offer, where your practice is located and how many of your competitors are advertising, all of which impact the cost of ads.
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