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Search engine optimisation for dental practices should focus on new patient leads and not just on being number one

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One of the most common questions we get is ‘why am I not number one for xxxx’. With the changing nature of how Google works, there is no easy answer to this. However, what is key, is that you have a strategic approach to the search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for your dental practice rather than focusing on being number one just for the sake of being number one. The fact is, no-one knows Google’s algorithm, but we do our best with our industry knowledge and the expertise of the Xcelerator Dental team to focus on ensuring you are ranked higher for terms which are most likely to result in new patient leads and ultimately starts.

What does our organic SEO service entail?
  • Building your E-A-T – you may have heard this phrase and it is key to improving SEO performance. It is no longer a reality to boost your rankings over night, but the key is on building your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  • Advanced and bespoke strategies – the strategy we employ will depend on several factors such as your current position, the competition, and where the best opportunities lay. This may involve implementing features such as advanced schema markup, spam fighting to prevent black hat tactics from your competitors and pursuing the many search results pages opportunities which are ever increasing.
  • Link building and blog post – quality and refreshed content is another factor in Google’s algorithm to decide which sites to rank for which search terms. Our SEO copywriters will write and publish posts on your site which are designed to boost your search performance of target dental-related search terms. Quality links to your website can also help the positioning of your website for target keywords so where relevant, we will work on outreach and content creation for relevant websites around the web that will link back to you.

Focusing on being number one will waste you time and money. SEO is about getting targeted and relevant traffic.

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Questions answered


When I search for my practice it doesn’t come up top in Google

There is no quick or easy answer to this question but there are some key points to consider. The first is that Google focusses on serving personalised results so the results you are seeing are not likely to be the same as what your prospective patients see. The next point to look at is what keywords you are searching for; are these the actual keywords which you should be focusing on as they have buying intent and your prospects are also searching for these? There is no one way of ‘doing SEO’ and our focus is on driving more new business through the search engines. We’ll explore and answer all these questions with you and be on this journey together!

I already write my own blog posts; can I use these instead?

If you are already doing this, we will take a look at the kind of thing you are writing and see if this will add value for you. We might be able to suggest some keywords to add to your content and it could well supplement what we are writing for you.

Can I choose which sites I get links from?

This isn’t something we would advise for two reasons; firstly, it’s a fine science as to which sites are going to add the most SEO value which we spend time identifying for you and secondly in tune with this, we have to build the relevant relationships to get the content published. However, if you do have a relationship with a site you think it may be valuable to get a link from then let us know and we can work together to get a link with the most value.

We already have a company doing our SEO. Can we carry on working with them?

This is something we would chat to you about on a case-by-case basis.

There are some specific keywords I’d like to be number one for

One of the first steps of the SEO process is for us to ask you exactly that – what are the search terms you would like to appear for. We will then use this data to plug into our industry standard software which will give us the exact data on how many people each day are searching for these terms in your area, as well as other similar opportunities, coupled with the opportunities for each in terms of the amount of competition.
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