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Web design for dentists should focus on two key strategies:
  • Attract: Your website is one of the first impressions most prospective patients will have of you and your practice. Give you patients the same impression you want them to have when they visit the practice. A beautifully-designed website creates a lasting first impression which maximises your chance of converting leads into patients.
  • Convert: Your website is a core part of your new patient funnel. Too often have we seen dentists focussed on ‘a great looking website’. This alone will not grow your business. We focus on funnelling as many of your website visitors as possible to contact you through a phone call, web form or direct online booking – check out our page on conversion rate optimisation for more details on how we do this and why it’s so important.
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Your prospective patients are on the move; it’s likely that around 75% of visits to your website will be on a mobile phone. As such we build with what is called a mobile-first approach, ensuring your site looks just as beautiful on small screens as it does on large.

What does our web design service include?

Key goals
  • Make the first impression a special one
  • Showcase your brand
  • A great experience for your visitors
  • Make it easy for visitors to book an appointment
  • More leads
  • More patients
Website build
  • A beautiful design – we’ll design key page templates for your sign off
  • UX design – our team are experts in the dental industry and in the way users behave which means more leads for you
  • Responsive design – your site will be optimised for all key screen sizes and devices
  • Copywriting – our SEO copywriters will review and optimize your existing copy and re-write copy as needed
  • CMS – a content management systems means quick changes are easy to make once your site is live
  • SSL certificate – security is key for SEO
  • Top tier site speed – a fast-loading website is key for a positive user experience and for SEO
  • Search engine optimised website – your site will be built to give it the best chance of optimum search performance, from schema markup to site speed optimisation
  • Online booking integration – we can integrate your PMS with your website
  • Forms – we will tie your forms into your lead management system and set them up to send you email notifications
  • Compliance – we will apply key elements for GDC, GDPR and CQC compliance
  • Hosting and domain management – we’ll take care of all of this for you
  • Website changes – new staff? Changing fees? Let us know and we’ll do the rest
  • Multi-channel chat

Web design trends change over time, and so does the way users behave. That’s why we build a new site for your dental practice roughly every 2 and a half years at no extra cost.

Sit back and relax. We're great at this!

When it comes to the web design for your dental practice, it’s key we get a balance. Of course we want you to love how it looks, and you will! However, this is also one of the core areas where we can add huge value so we ask you to take a bit of a back seat whilst we drive a website build which is going to play a key role in growing your practice.

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Questions answered


I like my existing design; can I keep it?

It depends. The key is to ensure your website converts visitors into new patient leads, so in this situation we would start by looking into how your existing website design is performing and make a joint and informed decision from there. Having said that, we may well be able to keep the overall ‘look and feel’ if that’s what you like whilst implementing some conversion rate optimisation changes to improve performance.

I’ve only just paid another company to re-design my site. Do I really need a new one?

The same answer to the last question applies here. You’re paying us to grow your dental practice through optimisation of your digital channels, so we will want to be sure your current site performs as well as it could before making a call. Again, there may be a balance to be had between keeping some elements and optimising others.

I have lots of new patient forms. Will you build these into the site for us?

We will absolutely find the best way to get these up and running for you. New patient forms can come in many formats so we will take a look at what you currently have and what the best option and outcome is for you. If, for example, you just want a downloadable pdf accessible from your website then that’s easy to set up. If it’s a full online form then we may recommend a third party compliant software which has a small additional cost and would be cheaper and more fail-safe than us building this for you.

Will my website be GDPR and GDC compliant?

We will put everything in place according to our interpretation of the guidelines and the advice we have been given and trained in. We’re just not able to give you official legal advice. Whilst you are the owner of your site and therefore have to make the final call, you can rest assured we’ll set a good foundation and we’ve never been pulled up before! There are some elements of compliance for GDPR which will relate to your in-house processes on data handling which we’re unable to verify.

Will you look after my web hosting?

Yes. There are various ways you might have this setup when you join Xcelerator Dental; for example you may have an IT company managing this for you or you may have your own login to a hosting account such as 123 reg or GoDaddy. We will work with you or your current provider to understand your current setup and manage any needed transition for you.

I have an IT company that manages my hosting and emails; can I keep using them?

Yes. We are happy to work with any companies you may already be with or have long-term agreements with, and sometimes it may make more sense to stay with these companies.

Can you manage our dental practice emails for us?

Unfortunately this isn’t one we look after for you; the reason being this is a more specialist area of expertise. We will do all we can to point you in the right direction and not leave you ‘hanging’.

If I leave Xcelerator Dental will you pass our website over to us?

Absolutely. Your website is exactly that; yours! We will export the files for you so you can set this up yourselves or with a new provider. There may be some proprietary functionality or widgets we have added to your site which we wouldn’t be able to include in the export and the only other thing is that the forms on your site will be setup to go into your CRM so you will need to change the way these function if you are to keep using the site.
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