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Lack of strategic lead management is one of the most common failures in dental practice growth

Our lead management (CRM) system will set you on the right path to converting your leads into patients. Get started with your own customised CRM today.

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It’s all too common in the dental world for the majority of new client leads to be lost through lack of follow up and understanding that different people may be at different stages in their search for treatment.

If we’re talking orthodontics and Invisalign treatment, then the buying cycle may be longer than for a routine dental check-up, whilst a referral from another dentist should follow a different workflow to someone who has found you for the first time on Google.

How can a CRM help you get more patients?
  • Not everyone is ready to book an appointment today - the CRM helps keeps them engaged
  • Having a daily action plan will ensure no lost leads i.e. telling you when to follow up with which leads
  • On-going email marketing and SMS communications
  • Marketing automation make communication more intelligent and remove the manual work involved

Calling a lead within ten minutes of receiving their details increases your chances of converting them into a new patient appointment by 100%

What exactly does your CRM system include and how can it help you?

Lead management
  • Get notified of new leads
  • Keep track of all your leads
  • Automate lead prioritisation
  • Create task lists – for example have a list of who you need to call each morning
  • Nurture leads automatically
  • View your entire communication history of each lead
  • Lead communications – email, SMS, website chat
Email marketing
  • Send beautiful emails with just a few clicks – bit of a technophobe? Fear not. Our drag and drop editor means anyone can create a great looking email in minutes
  • Email templates - we will have a library of ready-to-go, branded templates for you to use too
  • Email autoresponders – set emails to send after an action, such as requesting an online appointment
  • Scheduled emails – send email on birthdays and keep prospects engaged
  • Personalise emails – a guaranteed better response rate
  • Split testing – test different subject lines to improve results
  • Mobile optimised
  • Managed deliverability – giving you the best chances of ensuring you’re emails are read
Marketing automation
  • Automate what you wouldn't otherwise have time for
  • A drag-and-drop automation builder means anyone can do this in minutes
  • Ready-made automations for you to help convert leads into patients
  • Make sure the right people get the right information
  • Automate email communications – if a prospect visits your site, send them an email related to the content they were looking at
  • Segment your most engaged contacts – send specific messages to prospects who open the most email messages from you
Your lead management AND email marketing

Questions answered


What about compliance?

Our system is GDPR and HIPAA compliant so as long as you have the data management processes in place on your end, you’re covered.

We’ve found that emails have never previously had much response. How will this be any different?

This is not unusual for us to hear. The first thing we would want to do in this situation is understand how you have used email previously. What we typically find is that there will be reasons for a lack of response which are easily rectified. This can range from poor deliverability rates (of which there can be a number of causes), to not following best practice, to not using email as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. We will work with you to ensure you have a seamless online strategy of which email marketing is a core strand.

We would prefer to send more personalised emails with a more basic design; is this possible?

Absolutely. You can choose exactly how you’d like your emails to look and can have as many templates as you like; so perhaps you’d like to keep simple plain text emails for some communications which is what we’d recommend, and keep a slightly jazzier look for say an open day announcement. The best part is you will be able to control all of this yourself with no technical knowledge.
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